Finding Missing Heirs and Claimants Since 1987

Paul Elissiry & Chris Larsgaard, Private Investigators

Who We Are

Estate Research Associates is a small and highly specialized Private Investigation firm managed by Paul Elissiry and Chris Larsgaard. Since 1987 we have exclusively focused on finding missing heirs and claimants to funds and during that time we have obtained millions of dollars for hundreds of clients. We are experts in our field who are licensed by the State of California and rated A+ by the BBB. We do not advertise or work for the general public. We exclusively work for claimants and heirs who we find through our own research.

Have We Contacted You?

If we have contacted you, we have good news for you: our research shows you are entitled to funds or you know someone who we are looking for. We ask that you take our contact seriously and carefully review the information on this site which will easily prove we are real and credible. Please start with our Credentials Page.

California Private Investigator License #21287